Toko Ngagel Jaya Kimia

ENJEKA 085 334 660 006 (TELKOMSEL) 0877 033 300 30 (XL) Sell: All Kinds of Fiber Glass Materials {Resins, Mat Tissue, Catalyst, Woven Roving, ETC.}, Carbon Kevlar, Flexible Resins, LK Resins {Special Resins with Sticker Coatings}, Sablon Rubber Paste {Gum Paste}, Epoxy Resins, EpoxyVaselin & Paraffin Glue, S.Monomer, Pva & Vaseline, Plasticisers Resins, NF Screen Printing Paste, Aluminum Paste, Pigment Water Base, Binder, Mirror Glaze {Wax}, Glitter, Lycal 1011 & Lycal 1079, Silicone Emulsion {Tire Polish}, Silicone Rubber {Silicone Print}, Silicone Oil {Clear Silicone}, White Oil, Silver & Gold Pearl Powder {Pearlescent Silver & Gold}, Rainbow Pearl & Copper Powder {Pearlescent Multicolor & Cooper}, Kaneka, Bronze Mas {Bronze Mas / Powder Mas} - Rich Gold & Pale Gold, RTV Food Grade, M3 & M4, Phosfor {Glow In The Dark}, Effect Pigmens, Xilarix Household Cleaners & Soaps, Laundry Purposes, Termite Medication, And others