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Resin Dye

Pigments: Pigments are dyes that are usually very dense like pasta or acrylic cats which when mixed with resin will produce NO TRY effects. In making crafts from resins, the main ingredients needed are 2 resins and their catalysts. this is the most important component. The resin price varies depending on the type. You can come to our chemical store at Jl. Ngagel Jaya Selatan 95 (BILKA Supermarket Side) Surabaya, East Java to find out how much it costs per ounce of raw resin In addition to the clarity level, texture resin is also a determining factor. one of the most commonly used variants, with strong and flexible features.

Another ingredient needed for Clear Resin Craft is silicone rubber. This one works for printing. Resin crafts are made not by engraving, but by printing. Although you can use any mold, the standard is silicone rubber. The use of imprints can affect the resin's dryness. In contrast to resin, silicone rubber will remain elastic when mixed with its hardener. If you want to create a craft resin with a unique shape, you should buy this one. Choose the quality because the quality of silicone rubber can be used to print various materials, such as resin, concrete, wax.

There are transparent colors available for certain types
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